Michael Pennica

Michael Pennica

Meet the Pennica Financial Group Advisors/Staff

Michael Pennica – Founder and President

After a career serving our United States Air Force (USAF), Michael joined the financial services industry in 1993 and opened his first office in Colorado Springs, CO in 1996. A year later, Carol Pennica (Michael’s wife) joined the firm from USAA and has continued to serve as Senior Vice President.

As an independent financial services firm, Pennica Financial Group (PFG) is able to teach “Main Street” financial concepts from Wall Street that often elude today’s families. The firm also works with small business owners and some non-profits to help them gain a better concept of wealth creation, risk management, and exit strategies.

PFG has expanded its operation in Colorado by hiring good people who care about others and their financial future. Additionally, PFG has been recognized as a leader in hiring veterans and helping them to make a career transition.

Michael’s service in the USAF gave him the opportunity to work in many different areas. Military intelligence, foreign weapon systems analysis, space systems, communications, systems integration, as well as operations and maintenance of the USAF F-4, F-16, and C-130 aircraft. During his 23 year Air Force career, Michael had the opportunity to directly support and participate in the combat operations during campaigns in Grenada and Panama, as well as Operation Desert Storm.

Michael has earned multiple degrees in military studies, intelligence and imagery analysis, logistics, business, and business administration with an emphasis in business management. He also holds licenses as a registered financial representative, investment advisor representative, insurance agent, and a mortgage officer. He is a published author within the military community, and believes that learning should be a lifelong experience. Additionally, he has given advice and counsel to several prominent for profit and non-profit organizations regarding financial planning, investment, and risk management.

Michael has experience on the boards of Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Colorado,  Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Business Board, Satellite Homeowner’s Association, Military Affairs Committee, Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs,  Colorado Springs Conservatory, and Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau Foundation.


Marci Pancoast

Marci Pancoast

Meet the Pennica Financial Group Advisors/Staff

Marci Pancoast

“Helping people find a balance financially, now and for the future”

As a first career, Marci decided on serving her country as a Network Systems Administrator in the U. S. Air Force.  During her career, she was awarded the John Levitow Award for leadership as well as other awards for her service.  After serving seven years, she decided to embark on a career to support her military family while her husband remained on active duty.  Living for seven years in Germany opened many opportunities.  Volunteering and helping families with deployed members were her passion while living abroad.

Moving back to the United States in 2012, she decided to embark on the challenging field of financial services.  With her husband on the verge of retirement, she is excited to build a career in their new home of Colorado.  She feels their last move with the military has finally found the home they have always wanted.

A career in financial services fits right in with her passion for helping others.  She grew up working in a small retail nursery her family owned.  When times were tough, everyone stepped up to make things work.  Making sure that individuals and businesses can reach their financial goals makes less stress for everyone.  She wants to help those who are ready to invest in their future and businesses that want to provide their employees and businesses with a future.  Being the person to help guide the twists and turns of finances gives her a sense of making the world a less stressful and better place.

debra williams

Meet the Pennica Financial Group Advisors/Staff

Debra Williams

“Helping the serious individual, couple or small business owner accumulate wealth and prepare for their financial future.”

Deb joined the financial services industry in 2012 after a successful career in the United States Air Force. After serving her country for 22 years, she wanted to continue that spirit of service in a different capacity.

Deb joined Pennica Financial Group in January of 2015 because she identified with their philosophy and business practice. Like Pennica Financial Group, Deb strives to always put her clients first and recommend solutions that are in line with their financial goals and risk tolerance.

When she’s not working to help her clients achieve their financial goals, Deb can be found serving in her church or local community. Deb is a past member of Rotary International and a past president of Pikes Peak Landlords and Investment Group.